Hotel Escort Service Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam escort agency is specialised in hotel visits. Our hotel escort girls are available around the clock and can be in your hotel room within 30-40 minutes, provided that you are staying in the Amsterdam or Schiphol area. A prior reservation is recommended, but not necessary. We will be at your beck and call to find the perfect girl that is available on short notice.

Discrete hotel escorts Amsterdam

The reliability and professionalism of our escort service is widely recognised in the Amsterdam and Schiphol area. This also reflects in the relations that we have built up with local hotels in Amsterdam and around Schiphol. Hence, a private and discrete visit to your hotel room is guaranteed.

Our hotel escorts will only go through reception if they absolutely have to, and even then will they remain discrete and professional. In most cases, however, they will be able to directly come up to your room.

The elevators in most Amsterdam hotels require a keycard to get up to the right floor. Our escort girls have already been provided with such cards by the hotels in question, which lets them appear as regular hotel guests to other guests and the staff. This adds to the discretion of our services.

In The Netherlands, it is legal to receive guests in your hotel room. Therefore, our hotel escort will not have any problems visiting you, nor will you get in trouble in any way during or after the visit.

Hotel escorts outside of Amsterdam

If you are looking for a hotel escort outside the Amsterdam Area, for instance in Rotterdam, Utrecht, or The Hague, it will take longer for our escort girls to get to you. However, this can be arranged as well, to ensure that you will enjoy the hospitality of our Amsterdam escorts elsewhere in the country. If this applies to you, please contact us to request exact details on travelling times and prices.

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